• Biography

    Jessie Agnes Cheaney Palmer 1882-1956

    Jessie Agnes Cheaney Palmer (Mrs. Carl E. Palmer).1882-1956.  Dallas,  Amarillo.  Landscape painter, teacher.
    Palmer was born in Lawrence and reared in Dallas, where she studied at the Dallas Technical College after graduating from high school.  She was a student of Frank Reaugh and Martha Simkins in the 1920s and in 1924 accompanied Reaugh's sketching caravan to West Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.  In the 1920s Palmer attended the John F. Carlson School of Landscape Painting, Woodstock, New York, and later the Broadmoor Art Academy, Colorado Springs (summers,1931-32).  A resident of Amarillo from 1927 to 1933, she was superintendent of the city's Annual Tri-State Fair for that period.  She returned to Dallas in 1934. In 1934-35 Palmer helped organize the Palo Duro Art School near Canyon and also taught there.  She died in Terrell after a long illness and was buried in Dallas.  A reproduction of her painting The Old Bridge accompanied a biographical sketch that appeared in the October 1929 issue of La Revue Moderne, Paris.  
         Exhibitions:  Annual Exhibition of Texas Artists, Dallas Woman's Forum (1924 medal, 1927) ;  Annual Texas Artist Exhibition,  Fort Worth (1924-30, 1932-37); Frank Reaugh Art Club, allas (1925-460; Texas Artist Exhibition, San Antonio Art League (1926); Texas-Oklahoma Fair, Wichita Falls 91926-27); Exhibition of Texas Artist,  Nashville (Tennessee) Museum of Art (1927); Edgar B. Davis Competion, San Antonio (1927); Southern States Art League (1928,1930, 1933-34, 1944-45);  Annual Texas Artists Circuit Exhibition (1929-30); Elisabet Ney Museum, Austin (1934 one -woman, 1936 with Amy Brewer Lynn); Annual Exhibition of the State Fair of Texas, Dallas (1934); Women Artists of Texas 1850-1950, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, Canyon (1993); Joseph Sartor Galleries, Dallas; Dudensing Galleries and Columbia University, New York.