La Villita Artist painting

  • Biography

    Finis Collins

    From San Antonio, Texas, he was one of the founding members of the
    Watercolor Gang, a Director of the San Antonio School of Art, and
    president of the Artist and Designers Society. For many years he was an
    instructor at Trinity University, the Jewish Community Center of San
    Antonio, and the San Antonio Art Institute.
                     After his Honorable Discharge from the Air Force, Collins Joined the
    Pitluk Group in 1953 and worked for them until he retired in 1988 as Sr.
    Art Director.  He designed the Major Brochure for "Hemisfair-1968".  This
    elaborate brochure was printed in large quantities and was distributed
    throughout the world.  His most noted piece of art that has been seen by
    millions is the symbol that he created for the San Antonio Spurs.  He
    developed many corporate symbols including those for Zachry, La Quinta,
    Market Square, and many more advertising designs. 

    Collins loves helping developing artists.  For over 25 years, he spent
    his evenings as an Instructor of Art.  He was Owner and Director of the
    San Antonio School of Art. (1964-1968)  At one time, he directed a staff
    of 13 teachers covering every facet of Commercial and Fine Art.  He was
    an Instructor of Advertising Art and Design at Trinity University.  He
    also instructed at the San Antonio Craft Center and the San Antonio Art
    Institute.  For over a dozen years he held Watercolor Classes in Fine Art
    at the Jewish Community Center.  He now paints full time.

    Although Finis
    Collins is well known for his transparent watercolors, he is also
    proficient in brush and pallet knife in oils on canvas. 
    Collins has held the Office of President of the Artist and Designers
    Society (1964) and the President of the Texas Watercolor Society (2003). 
    He has earned, through his many awards in fine art, the honor of
    wearing the prestigious TWS Purple Sagebrush Pin.  He has been honored by
    many Art Galleries with numerous Shows. Collectors throughout the world
    have purchased his original paintings and Limited Edition Prints.

    Finis is one of the Founding Members of the Watercolor Gang. (
    Established over 43 years ago) The Gang has painted America from coast
    to coast, Europe five times and Mexico many times.  These five artists
    are considered one of the oldest and finest Plein Air painting groups in
    America.  Finis and his artist wife, "Edie" love to travel
    and paint together.  They have toured and painted in over one dozen
    countries in Europe and traveling in their RV they have painted, (with
    the exception of six states), all of the Continental United States.