"Reclining Woman"

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    This sculpture has been sold but there are a few left in the run.

    We do accept commissions for any type of sculpture.  Can work from
    photographs.  Alberto can work in any material to include:  Bronze,
    Granite, Stone, Clay,  Plaster, etc.  Also can sculpt any size  (10 inches to life size or 10 times life size)
    Mex MXX

  • Biography

    Alberto Saucedo (Born 1960)

    Reclining Woman

    Alberto was born in 1960.  He was raised in Mexico City. 
    Alberto Saucedo began his career as self-taught artist who demonstrated at a
    young age a remarkable talent and passion for art that eventually at seventeen
    years of age led him to formal studies at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de
    México and later on enrolled at San Diego City College. There he focused on
    Commercial Art and Interior Design. It was there, where he evolved his unique
    personal style. It was also at this time that he discovered the work of Master
    sculptor Francisco Zuñiga and studied sculpture with him. Sculpture subsequently
    became a major part of Saucedo’s work, and achieved his first real recognition
    in his field. Saucedo’s training has included a generous study of art
    history, where he incorporates his sensuous, spiritual and classical techniques,
    transforming it into a style that becomes evident in his work.

    A few Notable Clients:
    Arnold  Schwarzenegger.

    Actress Rita Moreno.

    Businessman (Founder of SeaWorld) George Millay.

    Mr Gary Lillian  Former Vice President Marketing of PepsiCo, Inc. and now President of Javo Beverages in California.

    Italian Ambassador to Mexico.


    1985 – Arts and Crafts Fair, México City.

    1985 – Solo show Casa Pedro Domeq, México City

    1988 – 1989 – Una noche de Arte, México City

    1995 – Solo show Galeria Dagen Bela, San Antonio, TX

    1996 – Introspecciones (KVDA Channel 60) San Antonio, TX

    1996 – Two Artist from Mexico City, Galería Sol y Luna, San
    Antonio, TX

    1996 – Expo-Formalidades, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de
    México (UNAM), México City.

    1998  Jamboree, San Antonio Art League Museum, San
    Antonio, TX

    1999 – Group Show, Galería 10/10, México City.

    1985 – Prepara muestra Alberto Saucedo, Excelsior, México

    1989 – Revista Impacto. Alberto Saucedo escultor de
    raigambre  prehispánica.

    1994 – Southwest Art Magazine, April

    1996 – Architectural Digest, Rita Moreno, April pg 204 also
    view letters August issue, 1996.

    1996 – Mural’s wedding. San Antonio Express News

    1999 – Oblate Virgin winning admirers. San Antonio Express

    2004 – The Hill Country Edge. Art on the Edge, Alberto
    Saucedo. October and December magazines.

    2007 – Explore Magazine. Alberto Saucedo a master in many
    mediums. October.

    2008 – The Sun News Paper. Wild Flower Wonderlands Butterfly
    granite sculpture. April.

    2002 – “Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art Vol.2,
    Bilingual Press. Arizona State University.

    2005 – Triumph of Our Communities. Four Decades of Mexican
    American Art. Bilingual Press. Arizona State University.



    1989 – Life size sculpture of “Sitting woman” for a private
    collection. Bronze .

    1996 – Commission to paint outside mural “Humanity in its
    Cosmos”. Wildwood Management  Group
    Building. San Antonio, TX

    1999 – Commission of the “Virgin of Guadalupe” for the Oblate
    School of Theology. San Antonio. TX

    2002 – Commission for a life size sculpture in black
    granite. Private collection. Kerrville, TX.

    2005 – 21 Plaques of the U.S. Mexican American War (1847).
    Port Isabel, TX.

    2006 – Commission for a granite Baptismal Fountain, St Joseph
    Catholic Church, Spring Branch, TX

    2007 – 2012, Six Plaques for the U.S. Air Force Academy,
    USAFA, Co.

    2007 – 8’ Granite Butterfly Sculpture for Our Lady of the
    Rosary Cemetery, Georgetown, TX.

    2008 – Murals for “El Chaparral” Restaurant, San Antonio,

    2007 – 2012 Over 80 portrait plaques, including Littlefield
    plaque at The Littlefield Stadium, UT, Austin, TX.

    Admiral Benjamin Hacker and George Millay (Founder of Sea World).

    Main plaques for the:

    Central Security Service of the United States

    National Security Agency


    Air force ISR Agency

    Joint Information Operation. Warfare Command.

    United States Cyber Command.

    2014 – “The Olive Tree”. First Presbyterian Church. San
    Antonio, TX.
    Sitting Woman


    Butterfly  8 feet tall excluding base