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    Ann Cushing Gantz (1935 - 2012)

    From her early childhood, Dallas painter, printmaker and teacher -  Anne Cushing Gantz - knew that she wanted to be an artist. She pursued her love of art through her school years, spending her Saturdays attending the prestigious Memphis Academy of Art in Memphis, Tennessee, where she began to refine her skill and technique and develop her own unique style. Inspired by the color and culture of New Orleans, Louisiana, she was accepted to and graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in painting and printmaking. Her work was further inspired by her association with artists such as Hans Hoffman and Jackson Pollock.

    Only six months after graduation during her first solo exhibition, one of Ms. Gantz collectors encouraged her to share her skill and love of creating art with other art students and soon she began to teach painting and printmaking. She subsequently taught painting and printmaking at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts School and has continued to be a favorite instructor in painting, drawing and printmaking at the Studio of Cushing Galleries in Dallas.

    Throughout her career, Ms. Gantz has continued to contribute her time, energy and talent to the public and the art community through her affiliation with professional associations and honor societies including the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, the Boston Printmakers Association, the Northwest Printmakers Association, the Texas Printmakers Association and The Dallas Print and Drawing Society (where she serviced in various official capacities from 1958 through 1980, including three terms as President). She also acted as an Advisor to the Art Committee of the YWCA and as a founding member of the Dallas Art Gallery Association and Cushing Atelier Group. Ms. Gantz has been recognized in Southwest Art Review, the Who's Who in American Art, the Who's Who in American Women, the International Who's Who of Women and in papers in the Archives of American Art of the Smithsonian Institute and the SMU Art Archives.

    Her numerous awards include The Dumaine Award from Tulane University, and The Felix Harris Award from the Dallas Museum of Fine Art. Her work has received purchase prizes from the Boston, Beaumont, Dallas, Denver and Norfolk Museums, as well as the Joseph Pennell Collection of the Smithsonian Institution and the Texas Fine Arts Association. She has also received awards from the Louisiana State Art Commission, Northwest Printmakers, the Portland, Seattle and Brooklyn Museums and the Arkansas Art Center. Gantz was recognized as an Outstanding Young American Painter by Art in America and as Artist of the Year by the Dallas Chapter of Texas Fine Arts Association.

    Decorative Award, Tulane University
    Felix Harris Award, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Painting) 
    Purchase Prize, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Print) 
    Purchase Prize, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Painting) 
    Honorable Mention, Delgado Museum of Fine Arts - New Orleans, Louisiana (Painting) 
    Purchase Prize, Denver Museum (Painting)
    First Award, Texas Painting Exhibit (Painting) 
    Purchase Prize, Boston Museum (Print)
    Selected by Art In America jury as one of the Outstanding Young American Painters in the "New Talent" Category 
    Purchase Prize, Texas Fine Arts Association, Austin Texas (Print)
    Award, Joseph Pennell Collection Foundation, Washington, D.C. 
    Award, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Print)
    Selected for Smithsonian Award, Winning Drawings, tour exhibition
    Selected by Louisiana State Art Committee for Print and Drawing Award Tour
    Award, Norfolk Museum (Drawing)
    Artist of the Year: Dallas Chapter, Texas Fine Arts Association
    Oklahoma City Art Center Award

    Southwest Art Review
    Who's Who in American Art
    Who's Who in American Women
    Who's Who in the Arts
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    International Biographical Dictionary
    International Who's Who of Women
    Papers in the Archives of American Art of the Smithsonian Institution
    Papers in the SMU Art Archives

    National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic
    Boston Printmakers
    Texas Printmakers: (President: 1957, 1958, 1960)
    Dallas Print and Drawing Society
        President: 1958, 1959, 1960
        Vice-President: 1963, 1964
        Advisory Board: 1961 - 1980
    Northwest Prinkmakers
    Founder of Dallas Art Gallery Association
    Founder of Cushing Atelier Group
    Honorary Member of the Texas Fine Arts Association
    Advisory Board: Texas Fine Arts Association