• Biography

    Jessie Aline White (1889 -1988)

    Jessie Aline White (Mrs. George Angell). 1889-1988.  Dallas, Fort Worth. Painter, graphic artist, commercial artist, modeler, teacher, writer.
        Born in Wessington, South Dakota, White worked in France with the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. She moved to Dallas in 1919 after the Armistice.  White studied at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Art Students League of New York, and the Minneapolis School of Art.  She also wrote poetry, essays, and short stories.  White died in Dallas. 
        Exhibitions:  Annual Exhibition of Texas Artists, Dallas Woman's Forum (1927, 1929); Annual Allied Arts Exhibition, Dallas (1928 honorable mention, 1929, 1930 honors and honorable mention, 1931 award, 1932-33, 1935, 1937-38, 1949);  Southern States Art League Annual Exhibition (1929-31, 1934, 1937 prize,1940); Annual Texas Artists Circuit Exhibition  (1931); Annual Texas Artists Exhibition, Fort Worth (1933,1936-37);  Joseph Sartor Galleries,  Dallas (1933 one-woman); Dallas Painters in Oils (1935), Women Artist of Dallas County (1938), Dallas Museum of Fine Arts; Texas Centennial Exposition,  Dallas (1936);  Texas General Exhibition (1940);  Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (1943 one-woman); Southwestern Prints and Drawings Annual Exhibition, Dallas (1949).
        Affiliations: Dallas Art Association;  Dallas Artists League; Southern States Art League; Texas Fine Arts Association.