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    John Marcellus "Tex" Moore (1865-1948)

    A painter of cowboy genre scenes and landscapes, John Moore opened a studio near Yellowstone National Park and painted there for the next 50 years, doing landscape scenes of Wyoming, and Montana as well as Colorado.  He was basically self-taught but was encouraged by Frederic Remington.
    Born near Fort Worth, Texas, he was early exposed to western life because his father started the Abilene Trail.  He worked as a cowboy and sketched by the fire at night. He became a Texas Ranger and Indian Scout with General Crook in the campaigns against Geronimo's Apaches.  He did a painting of the Grand Canyon for the Santa Fe Railroad. In 1935, he returned to Texas, opening a studio in Wichita Falls, and that year he was designated Official Cowboy Artist of the Lone Star State.
    Peggy and Harold Samuels, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Artists of the American West
    Tex lived in Henrietta Texas for several years prior to his move to Wichita Falls.
    He was a most wonderful person who painted a mural measuring about 10 or 12 feet by six feet in the First Christian Church of Henrietta.