"Mission San Jose"

  • Biography

    Jeannette Milam Jones (1903 - 1989)

    The following information is from Susan
    Soderstrom, whose family was a neighbor of the artist in San Antonio,
    Texas and who found this information about Jeanette Jones among her
    deceased mother's papers.

    "A native of Uvalde, TX, window of Lucian T. Jones, Sr., and Mother of Lucian T. Jones, Jr. and Bruce Milam Jones.

    studied with Harry Anthony de Yong, Henry Lee McFee and Frederic
    Taubes.  She was Honor Art Graduate of Trinity University.  Her
    paintings have received many awards and are in many private collections
    all over the United States.  Her energies as an artist are devoted to
    portraiture, landscape and still life, done in a semi-impressionistic

    The portraits include those of many distinguished sitters, the lastest being Mrs. John F. Camp and Miss Deborah Ann Alves.

    She is an active member of The River Art Group, and Copini Academy of Fine Arts."

    Her obituary states that she died on Friday, September 15, 1989 at the age of 86.  Her birth date is not listed.