"Mount Cristo Rey" El Paso Side

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    Mount Cristo Rey.

    What:  Standing atop the Sierra De Cristo Rey (formally known as Cerro De Los Muleros - mule drivers mountain) in Sunland Park, NM is a 29' limestone statue of Christ.  The base of the monument measures 14' wide and 10' high.

    Where:  Located on the west side of El Paso, actually in NM it is off McNutt Road in Sunland Park, NM.

    There is an annual Easter/Good Friday Hike.  Another pilgrimage is held on the last Sunday of October each year.  If you want a challenging walk with some of the best scenery in the area you have to try this.  Hundreds of people will be there - be sure to take your camera and water!

    Interesting Fact: Did you know?  The elevation is 4,675' and the trail is approx. 4.4 miles round trip traversing the mountain. Some people make this annual pilgrimage bare foot!  Get there early on the day of the pilgrimage so you can find a good parking spot. 

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    Lester Hughes (1940 - )

    From El Paso, Texas, Lester Hughes is a self-taught artist who paints imaginative landscapes of the Southwest, often with horse-back riding cowboys intent on their duties. President Ronald Reagan purchased over a dozen paintings by Hughes, and some of them hung in the White House during Reagan's tenure. 
    Back in 1969, when Lester Hughes quit his job as a business supply salesman to become a full time artist, he never dreamed that one day his paintings would hang in the White House. Seven years later, however, this artists' dream came true, when one of his works was presented to President-elect, Ronald Reagan during a 1976 campaign stop in Hughes' home town of El Paso, Texas. According to "Time" magazine that particular painting, a 24" x 36" oil featuring a Southwestern landscape with a dilapidated windmill and old shack, and several of Hughes' other works did hang in the presidential mansion during Reagan's tenure in office. Over the years, Reagan continued to be so enamored with Hughes' paintings that he purchased at least dozen more.
    Success has not changed Hughes' personality. Looking at his simple life-style, it is difficult to imagine that he numbers a bevy of Congressmen and Senators, and numerous other celebrities such as actress, Betty White, golfer Lee Trevino, and ex-Presidents George Bush and Gerald Ford among the collectors of his work