"Quail in Flight"

  • Biography

    Jack White (1933-2016)

    Jack White is a native of Brady, Texas and began his career as a portrait and landscape painter in the late 1960s after visiting his first art gallery. For his colorful landscapes, he uses the double primary palette technique. He is also known for his colorful Texas wit and humor.

    Jack is a self-taught artist and writer. This fifth generation Texan, whose family roots are tied strongly to the early days when the state was a republic, is a graduate of Howard Payne University.

    His mediums are oil and his studio is near the Florida Keys. In addition to his art career, he devotes many hours to supporting the art career of his and writes self-help books and mystery novels.

    His soon-to-be-released book, The Mystery of Making It, provides a common sense approach (with a Texas flavor) for professional and beginning artists alike, in the proper marketing techniques of marketing and selling their work.

    Some of his works can be found at the Smithsonian, Lyndon Johnson Museum, the Texas Ranger Hall of Honor and several private collections.