"Moonlit Texas Seascape"

  • Biography

    Ulrich W. Fischer (1887 - 1970)

    Ulrich W. Fisher studied painting in Berlin. He was one of the directors of an art group in Stettin. In 1920 he went to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he exhibited in the National Art Exhibition and was awarded the gold medal of the "" Sociedad National de Arts Decorative"". In 1922, he came to New York where he worked for several years for tapestry designing and other art projects. In 1937, he moved to Florida,lived and taught painting in several cities such as Daytona Beach, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.
    He moved to California several years later where he painted a lot of seascapes. In 1960, he moved Texas and worked in Houston and McAllen. He died in 1970 in Corpus Christi, Texas.