"The Tower Life Building" Study on Newsprint for Larger Piece

  • Details

    Notice the wrinkling in the paint.  Randy did an underlay of newsprint paper.  In the second photo when you enlarge it you can actually see and read the newsprint.  That was a technique that Randy only used on very few of his paintings.  I have seen other artists that have done it as well. 

  • Biography

    Randy Peyton (1958 - present)

    Texan Randy Peyton began painting Texas Landscapes when he was twelve years old.  Living near the Texas Hill Country made it easy to paint the wild flowers that blanket the countryside every Spring.  After honing his craft over a twenty-year period, he decided to visit and paint southern Europe, France, Spain, and Italy.  Mexico is another special locale for Randy.

    Combining soft realism with a touch of impressionism characterizes his paintings.  

    Peyton will never completely cease to work in his native Texas Hill Country.