"View of San Antonio from a Distance"

  • Biography

    Olive Brack (1890-1957)

    Born in San Antonio, Texas on Nov. 8, 1890, Olive Brack taught briefly at a private girls school in her native city and also did some painting there.  Her father was Asa Allen Brack, a San Antonio photographer.

    However, her painting career appears to have lasted for only five years (1908-1913).  While in southern California in 1913, she did several oils of Laguna Beach.  After her marriage to Judge D. F. Strickland, she settled on a ranch in Mission, TX and remained until her death in 1957 in a hospital in Mission.  She was buried in a cemetery in that town.1890-1957. San Antonio, Mission, Painter, Teacher.

    A daughter of early San Antonio photographer Asa Allen Brack, Olive was born in the city. She taught art in San Antonio at a private girls' school and painted in and around San Antonio and in Southern California (1908 - 1913). Following her marriage in 1913, she lived in Mission. She died in a Mission hospital and was buried in the town.