• Biography

    Samuel E. Gideon (1875-1945)

    Samuel Edward Gideon was a painter, illustrator and art historian credited with bringing public attention to the German artists of Central Texas. HIs painting and illustration specialty was architectural landmarks including "The Alamo" in San Antonio. 

    Gideon was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky and attended Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying architecture. In addition, he graduated from the American School of Fine Arts, Fontainbleau, France; followed with study at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paria; and Columbia University in New York City. 

    Gideon taught at Texas A&M College, College Station, Texas (1900-04), and then was professor of architectural design and history at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas. During the 1920s, he and his wife spent several summers at Laguna Beach, California, and he depicted numerous California missions. He was a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association.

    During World War I Gideon taught in the university's School of Military Aeronautics, and during World War II, he taught aeronautical drafting. 

    Gideon first brought to public attention the German artists of Central Texas. He also wrote and illustrated pamphlets titled "Landmarks in Austin" (1925) and "Historic and Picturesque Austin" (1936). Active in historical preservation, he was instrumental in saving for use as a museum the Austin residence of William Sidney Porter. His wife was portrait painter Sadie Cavitt Gideon.

    Gideon painted in Texas, California, New England and Mexico, often portraying architectural subjects. He died in 1945 and was buried in the Texas State Cemetery. 

    Affiliations included Alumni of Fontainbleau School of Fine Arts; Austin Art Guild; Guild of Austin Artists; Laguna Beach Art Association; Southern States Art League, and the Texas Fine Arts Association. 

    Exhibitions included the Annual Exhibition of Texas Artists; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; San Antonio Art League; Southern States Art League Annual Exhibition; Grand Central Art Galleries, New York; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and the Brooks Memorial Art Gallery, Memphis, Tennessee. 

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