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    Reveau Bassett (1897 - 1981)

    A popular wildlife artist, Reveau Bassett was born in Dallas, Texas. His early art training was at the Art Students League in New York where he was a pupil of Joseph Pennell, William Leigh, and Boardman Robinson. He also studied at the National Academy of Design where he would later exhibit. His painting often reflects an influence from the atmospheric works of Frank Reaugh with whom he worked and studied on many painting expeditions throughout Texas and New Mexico. Settling in North Texas, he became one of that state's foremost wildlife painters. His mural, hanging in the Dallas Petroleum Club, is also well known. During the late 1960's and early 1970's Reveau Bassett taught painting to the Garden and Arts group of Irving Texas. The Art Chairman of the group, a wonderful lady named Pete Fernandez, invited Mr. Bassett to teach. Mr. Bassett had a fondness for Irving and its small art community, and he came on Tuesday nights, often teaching in the Union Bower Church. In addition to Pete the other ladies in the art group were Sara Clear, Edna Ganser, Lil Cartwright, Liz Strickland, Delores Kleiner, Edith Stinnet, Mary White, Marie Petrasek, and Margaret Atterlee. Although they came to paint, they ended up learning about life and philosophy, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. But these ladies were not just studio painters; they were a hearty bunch of women. Reveau would lead them out to fields carrying sack lunches and coffee. They climbed in and out of barbed wire pastures, and occasionally they were chased by bulls. Some of the ladies would join Reveau Bassett and Frank Reaugh in their travels out to West Texas in Frank's old touring bus named the "Cicada". Art supplies, cooking equipment, and camping equipment were all piled on top of the Cicada. Men and women artists would go on these trips, but no 'hanky panky' was allowed. On these trips each person was required to paint three painting per day, or else Mr. Reaugh would not speak to them.