"Contentment in Old Santa Fe"

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    Exhibited Piece.  Cook

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    Minette Teichmueller (Mrs. Hugo Pohl) (1871-1970)

    She was born in LaGrange, Texas January 26, 1872, the daughter of Judge Hans Teichmueller and Augusta Kellner.  Married to Hugo David Pohl, they lived outside San Antonio in Bernie. It was a small house in the woods with one room dedicated to Hugo's paintings. 
    At age 67 and during the Great Depression, she was commissoned to paint the mural in the Smithville, Texas Post Office.  As of 1994, the mural was still there and in good condition. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal from 1934 to 1943 hired out-of-work artists to paint murals for thousands of post offices then under construction.  Minette was one of only 6 women chosen to paint one of these murals and she received $670 for her work.  
    Hugo preceeded her in death and in her later years she lived with her niece, Mayme Mattingly Martin in Nacodoches, Texas. 
    Many Exhibitions
    Mural U.S. Post Office Smithville Texas