• Biography

    Bertha Bennett 1883-1957

    Bennett, Bertha Richardson (Mrs. Henry D. Bennett). 1883-1957. San Antonio, Abilene. Painter, graphic artist. 
        Bennett was born in Coryell County and came to San Antonio about 1927.  She attended the art school of the Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio, and theSan Antonio Art Institute.  She studied under Clara Duer, Charles Rosen, and Henry Lee McFee.  Afterward she was a student of Dorothy Bergamo and Etienne Ret.  Bennett's work appeared on the covers of Farm and Ranch and Holland's magazines.  Bennett died in San Antonio hospital and was buried in the city. 
        Exhibitions: San Antonio Local Artist Annual Exhibition (1933-37, 1940, 1942, 1944-48, 1950, 1951 prize, 1955);  San Antonio Printmakers, Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio (1938, 1941, 1943):  Annual Texas Print Exhibition, Dallas (1944); Corpus Christi Caller-Times Annual Exhibition (1944,1946); Annual Texas Artist Circuit Exhibition (1945-48): Texas General Exhibition (1943, 1946-47); Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin (1947 one-woman); San Antonio Art League (1947); River Art Group, San Antonio (1948-50, 1952): Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, San Antonio (1952,1954,1956); Texas Watercolor Sosiety(1954); Denver Art Museum.
        Affiliations: National Institute of Arts and Letters; River Art Group, Coppini Academy of Fine Arts, and Mill Race Artists, San Antonio; San Antonio Art League; San Antonio Palette and Chisel Club; San Antonio Printmakers; Texas Fine Arts Association.