Bluebonnets and Farmhouse

  • Biography

    Cecelia J. McDermott 1895-1955

    McDermott, Cecelia Jane. 1895-1955. Dallas. Painter, illustrator, teacher.
        McDermott was born in Saint Jo and moved around 1909 to Dallas where she graduated from the Aunspaugh Art School.  She was an illustrator for Holland's magazine and taught at the Aunspaugh Art School in the 1920s.  McDermott died in a Dallas hospital after a short illness and was buried in the city.
        Exhibitions: Beaumont Fair (1916 award): Annual Texas Artist Exhibition, Fort Worth (1916, 1920, 1922-23); Annual Exhibition of Texas Artists, Dallas Woman's Forum (1920-21); Annual Allied Arts Exhibition, Dallas (1928,1930).
        Affiliations: Frank Reaugh Art Club and Klepper Sketch Club, Dallas.